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Perl Nagios::Plugin, tombstone release

Recently I tried to figure out how I could monitor the number of VM Snapshots in my vSphere environment. I found a good looking plugin created by consollabs. Link.

The plugin needs some perl modules to work correctly.

I was unable to install the last Module Nagios::Plugin

tombstone release? I was confused. After quick Google search, I found out there has been a disagreement between the original author of Nagios::Plugin and the Nagios Enterprise company. The development was split, the original author continued to work on the module in the Monitoring::Plugin namespace and Nagios Enterprise created Nagios::Monitoring::Plugin. Just a little bit of history. I don't know the details of the dispute and I'm not going to choose sites here.

I decided to use Monitoring::Plugin. You are free to use the other one.

Install the module

cpan install Monitoring::Plugin

This module provides the same functionality as the original Nagios::Plugin.
I replaced Nagios::Plugin with Monitoring::Plugin in the check_vmware_snapshots plugin.

After this small change the plugin workes perfectly.

This little guide / workaround will work for any plugin which needs the Nagios::Plugin perl module. It's not restricted to check_vmware_snapshots.

If you stumble across a plugin which needs Nagios::Plugin, please inform the maintainer of the plugin to switch to either Monitoring::Plugin or Nagios::Monitoring::Plugin. This will make the installation process for future users much easier.

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